The metaverse and why you'll need metaverse avatars

Annabelle Egwuyenga
September 28, 2022
What is Metaverse?

It's more than video games. More than NFTs. The metaverse is a virtual world where people can interact with one another, work, shop, and live all from the comfort of their couch in the real world.

The metaverse is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds. Metaverse is the future of the internet.

Popular brands championing the adaptation of the Metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg recently made the term famous when he changed his company’s name from Facebook to Meta in Oct 28 2021.

Brands like Decentraland, Upland, allows people to purchase parcels of digital land to build their own environments, marketplaces, and applications.

Some brick and mortar companies who have established their stores and popups in the metaverse include, Nike, Wendy, Coca-cola, Gucci, Microsoft, amongst others.

How to access the Metaverse

Anyone with a computer or smartphone can tap into a metaverse experience. Augmented reality allows virtual objects to be projected into the real world.

However for a full immersive experience in certain metaverse, one will need a virtual reality headset like the Occulus Quest

Through a virtual reality headset, users enter these worlds, navigating the metaverse with their eye movements, feedback controllers, or voice commands.

The user is submerged by the headset, stimulating a phenomenon called presence, which is created by simulating the actual physical sensation of being present.

Virtual reality headset

Metaverse Avatars

Whether for work or play, entering the metaverse requires you to create an avatar that will serve as your identiy or body as you interact in the digital world.

Metaverse avatar is your 3d representation.

Genies avatars of Quavo, Kim Petras, J Balvin and Lil Huddy.

They are highly customizable and flexible. Your metaverse avatar can look like anything you want.

Your avatar design may vary depending on the metaverse platform. There are full body avatars and legless avatars.

Avatars have the inherent ability to be customized to fit your style. Almost anything about you, including your height, skin tone, and hair, can be altered. And you're free to do it whenever you want.

Additionally, you can frequently buy distinctive clothing for your avatar thanks to the NFT component for Metaverse avatars.

In the metaverse, many of the most well-known brands from the real world sell clothing and accessories as NFTs. For example, The Adidas Originals: Into The Metaverse NFT project.

Adidas ‘Into the Metaverse’

Metaverse avatars hold economic value. Avatars allow you to communicate with individuals you can't physically meet.

You can hold private lessons or sessions for multiple individuals at once utilizing your avatar as a makeup artist, life/business coach, fitness enthusiast, and more—all without leaving your bedroom.

Even when using an avatar to earn money for commercial purposes, you can still maintain control and financial ownership of it.

Meta Horizon

In summary, as more people get onboard in the metaverse, you'll need a distinct identity that suit your style and preferences.

If you have an idea of what you want you want your avatar to look like, we are the ones to bring it to life. Get in touch!